Based off the movie Hanna. Create a child with altered DNA.

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    Name: Fall Bloom (last name unknown)
    Age: 16 years
    Gender: Female
    History: Unknown. Lost all memory of past life except for small pieces, like her first and middle name. One thing she knows is that when she woke up in the middle of a mysterious meadow, she knew how to survive and kill easily with her hands and with weapons.
    Personality: Is not much of a talker. Doesn't do it if she doesn't need to. She speaks mostly with her eyes. Don't get on her case...She is nice when not bothered. Very VERY temperamental. Sort of bi-polar. Creepily good with weapons. Deadly. VERY DEADLY.
    Looks: Long blond curly hair and topaz-brown eyes. She usually wears a dark hoodie.
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    Welcome! Razz Cool afro Suspect What a Face Twisted Evil Smile cyclops affraid Basketball sunny farao study flower
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    Very nice. Welcome to the Rebellion Fall!

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